Senin, 07 Desember 2009

Swallow it, don't bite it!

Tiny green little yummy! This is the sweet and chewy glutinous cake called "Klepon" (french pronounciation: Cleu-pohn).

Made from glutinous powder, javanese brown sugar and covered with grated coconut, this Indonesian traditional finger snack used to be a "must-buy-stuff" for every housewife who goes shopping to the market.

I want to share the recipe with you, and here it is:


1½ cups glutinous powder

¾ cup lukewarm water

2-3 drops green food coloring*

8 tsp. grated Java dark brown sugar

1 cup fresh-grated coconut, mixed with ½ tsp salt

How To:

Mix the rice powder with the lukewarm water and green food coloring into a firm but flexible dough.

Pull off one full teaspoon of the dough and shape it into a ball with approximately 1-inch in diameter.

Push a finger into the center of the ball to make a hole, and put in approximately ½ tsp. of the grated sugar. Seal, and roll it back into the ball shape with the palms of your hands. 

Prepare all the balls and set them aside.

Prepare a pot half filled with water and bring it to a boil.

Drop the balls into the boiling water. Remove the balls with a spoon once they float to the water surface and then roll the balls in the grated coconut. Serve at room temperature.  (Makes 30 rice balls)

*Traditionally made from pandan leaves' essence

Jumat, 27 November 2009

Nobody should know how old we are

I must say that this little party was awesome and cute! Despite its simple and modest style, we were excited to celebrate it in the canteen. The secret was the togetherness of our class. Too bad Christian and Alket were absent. Christian doesn't continue his course due to his new job, and Alket was somehow away in Aceh with his duty.

I enjoy being with my classmates. We are vary in our ages but nobody cares about it! The 17 years old girl Meme can get along with us. She's even the spark of the class! She always comes with a stunning-to-death fashion statement that stops our breath!

Our teacher is younger than me and the other birthday-ers. But she proves her ability in French and pedagogy very well.

Age has never been something important for me. Unlike the others, I always feel that I still have rooms enough to do this and that. Peter Pan syndrome? Hmm... not really. I just believe that the horizon can always be spread wider when you believe it can.

That is why I have friends from various background! I can get along with teenagers, mid 20's, the 30's, even senior people. And most of them admit the same thing: They are always being inspired and motivated by me.

This confession is an honor for me, despite my own hard and juggling life.

I am happy that my life history, my achievements, my failures, and my ideas about facing the obstacles have inspired those whose life are better than mine.

As I blow out the candles, I wish for a more colorful life ahead, as colorful as the candles, and that my life be more bling-bling! - as stunning as those strawberries:)

Jumat, 20 November 2009

It's my Birthday!!!

When the clock strikes 00:00, then I've passed my 20s over. Ha! Let's see what I've done during my late 20s?

I started 2009 with a resolution that covers the achievement in language proficiency, got a scholarship, being able to do internship in a cultural institution, work in UN agency, and sleep with Gerard Butler (woohoo!) :)

Let see what happened during 2009:

I was accepted as an intern in Goethe-Institut Jakarta, I did the regional Dance Summit Project, I met new people who work with the foreign cultural centers and international affairs, I got new network as well, I GOT THE TURKISH LANGUAGE SUMMER SCHOOL SCHOLARSHIP although I rejected it (Coz I was still under a contract with Goethe-Institut), I meet people who works for the UN (Alket in UNDP and Mr Martin Aleida, an ex senior journalist of Tempo who used to work for the UN too), and I met Abi- my Afghan-German classmate in Perth- through and found him looks like Gerry so much!

And I learn German!

Ja, Ich lerne Deutsche.

Not giving up with my dream, I spend my concurrent activity with learning European language. I've taken French and Italian, now I take German.

I was going to learn German in Goethe-Institut but the registration has not open yet. Otherwise, I asked Somba to teach me by private. Somba is my classmate in our French class four years ago. He was a German teacher in a foreign language school. He's in the same age with me, but always pretends as if he was twenty two! This year, he gets a job in the Language Center of Universitas Indonesia as a German teacher.

Together with Endah, my other ex-class mate in CCF, we do the course anywhere we find it convenience. Sometimes in my house, sometimes in Endah's house, or sometimes in the nearest donut cafe.

I must admit that Somba is a good teacher. He knows how to lead the class, lead our mind, and the most important thing is: he knows how to transfer the knowledge. The class is very enjoyable, since we are in the similar age, but we still respect the lesson as it should be.

German is simpler than French. But the logic is a little bit different.

After being failed with the Master Scholarship from the Turkish government, I immediately did my plan B. I met people who help me in psychology and career counseling, then I decided to take the appropriate subject. I study Public Relations in Interstudi School of Communication and Journalism in Antara News Agent. And I found them sexy! Psst.. I'am also preparing myself for the entry test of graduate program in Universitas Indonesia! Guess what's the subject will be? International Relations! Ha ha!

I got new friends... that's the most exciting part in 2009. New friends means new network, doesn't it? ! And I love being loved by them. They are the most inspiring supporter in my life, ever :)

Happy Birthday, Dewi. May your wish comes true as you blow your candle...

Senin, 16 November 2009

Unpublished Draft

The anxiety inside me has been really disturbing. Within a week, I'll be leaving my 20's age. For women in Indonesia, leaving their 20s is like being caught by an SS soldier and never be able to come back.
I don't mind of being 30, really. But the facts that people are judging me for my status is very annoying. "What do you do?" I can simply answer, "I am a student". Yes, I am a student of Interstudi School of Communication, taking a 6 months course of Public Relations. Where do you work? "I used to be an intern in Goethe-Institut Jakarta". "Ah, you're a German teacher?". "No, I am an amateur in German". "Ah zo.."
The most annoying comments come from Indonesian friends. "Are you married?". "No." "But you are 30!" I said, "I'm looking for another internship in international non governmental organization." "Internship? In your age? I think you should have looked for a money-oriented activity!"
If only I could turn back time, I would have changed my major from Visual Communication Design to International Relations, Anthropology, or whatever.
That was my un-published post last year :D
Anyway, time has flown away and change things out!

Rabu, 21 Oktober 2009

Dinner with the Heroes

Tell me: what would you do if you got a RSVP note from Bruce Wayne for a romantic dinner on the top of Gotham City's skyscraper? Or a brunch date with Superman between his super busy hours on his criminal sweeping job? I bet you have jumped into a comic frame, draw yourself some baloons and write your own conversations there!

Tebet (french pronounciation: teu-beute) offers an interesting place to eat, or just to hang out with friends. This place belongs to someone who loves comic and the concept has been implemented in the whole corporate design; from the logo, interior design to the menu card. This place is called : COMIC CAFE.

I was excited just as I started to read the menu card. It was designed as a comic, with frames and heroic scenes inside, showing Wonder Woman screams "Potato Wedges......IDR 8500! Zuppa Soups...........IDR 14.000! Chicken Cordon Bleu......IDR 30.000!!!" while punching her enemies out.

The most interesting side for me is the price. I don't have to spend much money here if I just want to chat with friends with some drinks and finger foods. I give two thumbs up for the food, price, place, and the service.

Located in Tebet Raya Street #53D, South Jakarta, Comic Cafe is quite close to Central and East Jakarta. Comic Cafe in Tebet is close to Menteng, Kuningan (Rasuna Said Street), and Kampung Melayu.

People who come from Saharjo Street can reach it easily. From the entrance of Tebet Raya Street, next to Mitsubushi showroom, just drive along the street until you pass over three junctions. At the forth junction we can see Comic Cafe at our left. The junction is full of cafes, kebab's corner, restaurants, clothing outlets, and of course : Circle-K and Alfamart, the youngster's favorite place to buy a can of cheap beer or a cup of instant coffee.

At the second floor, we may find a clothing shop and a comic library. For those who needs privacy and a reserved gathering place, you may reserve a cozy comic lounge at the third floor.

The emergence of Tebet as a center for creative communities can be seen from the presence of several advertising studios, Ruang Rupa art community center, indie clothing outlets, school of graphic design, restaurants, cakes and coffee shops.


Selasa, 13 Oktober 2009

Jakarta's Best Library

      If you are students, professors, or common citizens, even if you are disable/blind and you need to access to informations, make sure to visit this place. It called "Perpustakaan Departemen Pendidikan Nasional" or "The Library of the Ministry of National Education".

Located in Sudirman Street, next to Ratu Plaza on the right and Plaza EX on the left, it can be easily reached by Busway. Stop in Ratu Plaza station, and walk a little to the side of Ratu Plaza. The Library is located in the same area of the Ministry of National Education. There are several buildings inside the area. Just go to the main building (A Building) in the front; and if you are facing it, go to the right side. Find the glass-wall with yellow frame, and.. voila! Welcome to the Library!

In the previous time, this library belongs to the British Council. Since 1990's something ( I forgot!), all of its collection were given to the Ministry of National Education. Now, 90 percents of the books are those given from the British Councils, and the rest 10 percents are new.

In this Library you may find several facilities such as study/reading room, meeting room, audio visual room, International TV broadcast, seven computers for free internet connections (members only), room for online and offline journal, study corner for disable people who are blind, and online catalogues. 

On the lower ground, there is a large lobby with some chairs and cozy sofas. Next to the lobby is another reading room, online and offline journal room and a meeting room. Climbing the stairway up, you will find the main reading room with six big racks of the book collections. Internet connections, audio visual corner and the corner for the disables are located in the same floor.

I must say I like this cozy and quiet place. Well, although the air conditioner is too freezing for me, but there is no place like this library that makes my reading speed goes faster! I'm sitting on a purple comfortable sofa right now, and the free internet connection is good. I will move to the desk next to the window if I need to recharge my laptop battery. There is a power socket under the table.

Canteens are available in the lower ground, next to the library. Damn, this AC is freezing me out.. I'm hungry now!

Ah, I forgot telling you about the membership. The membership is free of charge. You just need to fill out the form, 2x3 cm photograph, and a photocopy of your ID card. During the first year, your membership is categorized as Basic. It means, you are only allowed to borrow 1 book and 1 audio visual unit. After a year, the library will evaluate your performance to decide wether you can uprise your membership to Regular or not. As a Regular member, you may borrow 2 books and 2 audio visual units. Above Regular is Premium, where you can borrow 3 books and 2 audio visual units.

Senin, 12 Oktober 2009

The Sexy Idiosyncratic

Failed with my graduate scholarship from the Turkish Government did not make me down. I assert of being able to take off from any runway. Just after I got the bad news, supports from friends, and the multiply bloggers whom I don't even know came to shower me. Surprisingly, many of them have been  spiritually encouraged by me!

One of the best support came from Mira, a clarinet player who studies Psychology. She helped me analyzing my personality, academic potential and job preferences. "Let me help you finding your path", she said. Therefore, an amazing result came up, and here are my career types:

1. Investigating   
2. Creative
3. Social
4. Enterprising

Has been working as a graphic designer and illustrator for years, it is a proof that I have a capability for working in creative field. I was a co-founder of Maros Visual Culture Community (now a foundation), and it means I can work in enterprising field. I am a social person, and I love writing too. Communication field would be matches with these four types of career!

Another psychological test was taken to see my personality. And here are the most dominant:
1. Dramatic
2. Idiosyncratic
3. Leader

In order to strengthen this, I decide to enroll the two-months journalistic writing course and a six-months certificate program of Public Relations. The journalistic course is convened by Antara, the Indonesian national news agency. It will begin next saturday, 17 October 2009.

Jumat, 25 September 2009

A Cozy Burrow for Jakarta Dreamers: Bakoel Koffie

Located in Cikini street, Central Jakarta, this coffee shop can be easily recognized as a place where people with creative thoughts gather or simply indulged themselves in its homey atmosphere. Artists, journalists, students, or government employees can be found here especially at the weekend. The warm, yet old style interior, combined with special menus, friendly waiters  - and of course - wireless internet connection are the utmost reasons for being a loyal costumer. 

In the first level there are indoor and outdoor space with the variety of the chairs and table styles. If you prefer a non-smoking space with air conditioner, you can sit in the front side. Couch and cushions, and a coffee table are located near the front door, just behind the window, where you can see the street from inside. Some marble tables with old wooden chairs are available with electrical sockets near them - something you need when working with laptop. Friendly waiters and the coffee smell will accompany you if you sit on the stool at the bar side. If you smoke or love fresh air, three couches and coffee tables await you in the back terrace. Second level is a smoking area. However, there are some air conditioners too. 

I'll tell you later about the food and beverages :)

Blooming in The Rain

Sitting in the corner of Bakoel Koffie, my favorite place to contemplate. It's 2 months before my birthday, and I feel like pruning my life. The last ten years has been spent with too many rock and rollas, it is the time now to walk on the desired path! Too many dreams abandoned behind, too many possibilities forgotten. But rain comes healing those who suffer from thirst. Yep, it's raining outside, slapping the city with her wind and roaring thunder! 

I remember 2006. The first water drop fell to the city after a long dry season, and I felt like being blessed. Born again with a new hope. Tonight, dreams are blooming again from the showered city. One of the beads is mine :)

Kamis, 24 September 2009

Benar-benar seru!

Welcome to Seru-meru!
In Bahasa Indonesia, "Seru" means "something causes strong feeling of enthusiasm". I use this word because it represents how I feel about my life. I add "meru" behind it to stress the excitement of the word. So, welcome to "Seru-meru!", coz I'll make your day even brighter! :)