Rabu, 21 Oktober 2009

Dinner with the Heroes

Tell me: what would you do if you got a RSVP note from Bruce Wayne for a romantic dinner on the top of Gotham City's skyscraper? Or a brunch date with Superman between his super busy hours on his criminal sweeping job? I bet you have jumped into a comic frame, draw yourself some baloons and write your own conversations there!

Tebet (french pronounciation: teu-beute) offers an interesting place to eat, or just to hang out with friends. This place belongs to someone who loves comic and the concept has been implemented in the whole corporate design; from the logo, interior design to the menu card. This place is called : COMIC CAFE.

I was excited just as I started to read the menu card. It was designed as a comic, with frames and heroic scenes inside, showing Wonder Woman screams "Potato Wedges......IDR 8500! Zuppa Soups...........IDR 14.000! Chicken Cordon Bleu......IDR 30.000!!!" while punching her enemies out.

The most interesting side for me is the price. I don't have to spend much money here if I just want to chat with friends with some drinks and finger foods. I give two thumbs up for the food, price, place, and the service.

Located in Tebet Raya Street #53D, South Jakarta, Comic Cafe is quite close to Central and East Jakarta. Comic Cafe in Tebet is close to Menteng, Kuningan (Rasuna Said Street), and Kampung Melayu.

People who come from Saharjo Street can reach it easily. From the entrance of Tebet Raya Street, next to Mitsubushi showroom, just drive along the street until you pass over three junctions. At the forth junction we can see Comic Cafe at our left. The junction is full of cafes, kebab's corner, restaurants, clothing outlets, and of course : Circle-K and Alfamart, the youngster's favorite place to buy a can of cheap beer or a cup of instant coffee.

At the second floor, we may find a clothing shop and a comic library. For those who needs privacy and a reserved gathering place, you may reserve a cozy comic lounge at the third floor.

The emergence of Tebet as a center for creative communities can be seen from the presence of several advertising studios, Ruang Rupa art community center, indie clothing outlets, school of graphic design, restaurants, cakes and coffee shops.


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