Senin, 12 Oktober 2009

The Sexy Idiosyncratic

Failed with my graduate scholarship from the Turkish Government did not make me down. I assert of being able to take off from any runway. Just after I got the bad news, supports from friends, and the multiply bloggers whom I don't even know came to shower me. Surprisingly, many of them have been  spiritually encouraged by me!

One of the best support came from Mira, a clarinet player who studies Psychology. She helped me analyzing my personality, academic potential and job preferences. "Let me help you finding your path", she said. Therefore, an amazing result came up, and here are my career types:

1. Investigating   
2. Creative
3. Social
4. Enterprising

Has been working as a graphic designer and illustrator for years, it is a proof that I have a capability for working in creative field. I was a co-founder of Maros Visual Culture Community (now a foundation), and it means I can work in enterprising field. I am a social person, and I love writing too. Communication field would be matches with these four types of career!

Another psychological test was taken to see my personality. And here are the most dominant:
1. Dramatic
2. Idiosyncratic
3. Leader

In order to strengthen this, I decide to enroll the two-months journalistic writing course and a six-months certificate program of Public Relations. The journalistic course is convened by Antara, the Indonesian national news agency. It will begin next saturday, 17 October 2009.

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