Jumat, 25 September 2009

A Cozy Burrow for Jakarta Dreamers: Bakoel Koffie

Located in Cikini street, Central Jakarta, this coffee shop can be easily recognized as a place where people with creative thoughts gather or simply indulged themselves in its homey atmosphere. Artists, journalists, students, or government employees can be found here especially at the weekend. The warm, yet old style interior, combined with special menus, friendly waiters  - and of course - wireless internet connection are the utmost reasons for being a loyal costumer. 

In the first level there are indoor and outdoor space with the variety of the chairs and table styles. If you prefer a non-smoking space with air conditioner, you can sit in the front side. Couch and cushions, and a coffee table are located near the front door, just behind the window, where you can see the street from inside. Some marble tables with old wooden chairs are available with electrical sockets near them - something you need when working with laptop. Friendly waiters and the coffee smell will accompany you if you sit on the stool at the bar side. If you smoke or love fresh air, three couches and coffee tables await you in the back terrace. Second level is a smoking area. However, there are some air conditioners too. 

I'll tell you later about the food and beverages :)

Blooming in The Rain

Sitting in the corner of Bakoel Koffie, my favorite place to contemplate. It's 2 months before my birthday, and I feel like pruning my life. The last ten years has been spent with too many rock and rollas, it is the time now to walk on the desired path! Too many dreams abandoned behind, too many possibilities forgotten. But rain comes healing those who suffer from thirst. Yep, it's raining outside, slapping the city with her wind and roaring thunder! 

I remember 2006. The first water drop fell to the city after a long dry season, and I felt like being blessed. Born again with a new hope. Tonight, dreams are blooming again from the showered city. One of the beads is mine :)

Kamis, 24 September 2009

Benar-benar seru!

Welcome to Seru-meru!
In Bahasa Indonesia, "Seru" means "something causes strong feeling of enthusiasm". I use this word because it represents how I feel about my life. I add "meru" behind it to stress the excitement of the word. So, welcome to "Seru-meru!", coz I'll make your day even brighter! :)