Minggu, 25 April 2010

Our Past Are Forgiven

Yesterday morning I popped out to Kodam Park for jogging with my friend. We talked when we walked, and the topic was about office life. Emotional and impulsive bosses, betrayers, opportunists, etc. At the end of the conversation, we both agreed that our past have really thought us about how to be strong in handling any kind of situation. Including facing difficult people.

It is a bless that we have passed our past bravely. Yes, we have scars, but we are over them. These scars help us as problem scanners and measurers, alarms, analyzing machines, and problem solvers.

My past is forgiven.

Sabtu, 17 April 2010


It's been three months and I'll finish my probation period in this office. Within a week, I'll be assigned as a full time employee! Hmm! :)

Me love surprises. But 2010 has more surprises!

Two years ago I was an under achiever. Three months ago I was penniless. I lived by the miracles. Now I'm an Officer in Program and Communication division, and Project Officer in a nation-wide program in the same time. Hm, that's a twice in a row! :)

Recently I read a blog belongs to a 40 year old woman who's still pursuing her dream. Meaning, she - although already has 2 kids and a nice job - is still far from what she hopes to achieve.

I must thank God for being not that late. I must be proud of myself for being consistent, focus, and tough enough in making decision and setting up plans. And of course, for not giving up looking for clues.

I am 30 and I've got what I wanted to achieve. Working in a well-known NGO, meet VIP people, deal with international forums, being in charged in a nation-wide project even when I'm still in my probation period, and recently... visit ASEAN Secretariat and got free dinner there.. (he he!)

My resume about this is 'consistency rules'. I had never been ceased to find the ways to my goals. I never stop the search. I never let myself down and I never let anyone pulling me out from my plans. I clean up every clutter that blocks my way. Ego control and stubbornness have to be managed very wisely.