Sabtu, 17 April 2010


It's been three months and I'll finish my probation period in this office. Within a week, I'll be assigned as a full time employee! Hmm! :)

Me love surprises. But 2010 has more surprises!

Two years ago I was an under achiever. Three months ago I was penniless. I lived by the miracles. Now I'm an Officer in Program and Communication division, and Project Officer in a nation-wide program in the same time. Hm, that's a twice in a row! :)

Recently I read a blog belongs to a 40 year old woman who's still pursuing her dream. Meaning, she - although already has 2 kids and a nice job - is still far from what she hopes to achieve.

I must thank God for being not that late. I must be proud of myself for being consistent, focus, and tough enough in making decision and setting up plans. And of course, for not giving up looking for clues.

I am 30 and I've got what I wanted to achieve. Working in a well-known NGO, meet VIP people, deal with international forums, being in charged in a nation-wide project even when I'm still in my probation period, and recently... visit ASEAN Secretariat and got free dinner there.. (he he!)

My resume about this is 'consistency rules'. I had never been ceased to find the ways to my goals. I never stop the search. I never let myself down and I never let anyone pulling me out from my plans. I clean up every clutter that blocks my way. Ego control and stubbornness have to be managed very wisely.

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