Senin, 16 November 2009

Unpublished Draft

The anxiety inside me has been really disturbing. Within a week, I'll be leaving my 20's age. For women in Indonesia, leaving their 20s is like being caught by an SS soldier and never be able to come back.
I don't mind of being 30, really. But the facts that people are judging me for my status is very annoying. "What do you do?" I can simply answer, "I am a student". Yes, I am a student of Interstudi School of Communication, taking a 6 months course of Public Relations. Where do you work? "I used to be an intern in Goethe-Institut Jakarta". "Ah, you're a German teacher?". "No, I am an amateur in German". "Ah zo.."
The most annoying comments come from Indonesian friends. "Are you married?". "No." "But you are 30!" I said, "I'm looking for another internship in international non governmental organization." "Internship? In your age? I think you should have looked for a money-oriented activity!"
If only I could turn back time, I would have changed my major from Visual Communication Design to International Relations, Anthropology, or whatever.
That was my un-published post last year :D
Anyway, time has flown away and change things out!

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