Jumat, 27 November 2009

Nobody should know how old we are

I must say that this little party was awesome and cute! Despite its simple and modest style, we were excited to celebrate it in the canteen. The secret was the togetherness of our class. Too bad Christian and Alket were absent. Christian doesn't continue his course due to his new job, and Alket was somehow away in Aceh with his duty.

I enjoy being with my classmates. We are vary in our ages but nobody cares about it! The 17 years old girl Meme can get along with us. She's even the spark of the class! She always comes with a stunning-to-death fashion statement that stops our breath!

Our teacher is younger than me and the other birthday-ers. But she proves her ability in French and pedagogy very well.

Age has never been something important for me. Unlike the others, I always feel that I still have rooms enough to do this and that. Peter Pan syndrome? Hmm... not really. I just believe that the horizon can always be spread wider when you believe it can.

That is why I have friends from various background! I can get along with teenagers, mid 20's, the 30's, even senior people. And most of them admit the same thing: They are always being inspired and motivated by me.

This confession is an honor for me, despite my own hard and juggling life.

I am happy that my life history, my achievements, my failures, and my ideas about facing the obstacles have inspired those whose life are better than mine.

As I blow out the candles, I wish for a more colorful life ahead, as colorful as the candles, and that my life be more bling-bling! - as stunning as those strawberries:)

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