Sabtu, 16 Oktober 2010

Stop Insisting, don't Stop Believing!

Hehehe.. I lost my weight. Three months ago it was 63,5 kg. Today it's 57 kg! Yaaaaay!!!

I started by going to an acupuncturist whom my friend used to visit. I got two acupuncture sessions for 15 minutes each. During the one week interval, I consumed one slimming pill a day. I lost 1,5 kg in the first week. After two weeks consuming the pills and having the acupuncture session for twice, I stop the method and try to continue my new eating pattern.

The needles and the pills only helped my brain to stop feeling "hungry". I can't depend on them all the time, for diet pills will cause bad effect if they're consumed for a long period of time.

I control my diet by calculating my needed calories. There are websites that can help you to calculate it. Then I just follow it, and make sure my everyday meals don't exceed the limit.

I change my old paradigm. I find some facts about nutrition, health, and how the body responds the food we take. I visit my friend's mother in the hospital who got a stroke. Those facts help me in choosing what I eat carefully.  I even stop eating packaged and junk food. I know they use preservatives and I don't want those 'fake' freshness entering my body.

I thank God that fresh foods are easy to find around my office. Warteg foods are usually fresh and home-made. They are cheap too! For USD 1, I can have a plate of rice, one big fish and a portion of fresh vegetables. All of them contains 300-330 calories. That's enough and yummy too!

Another method is by changing my breakfast menu. I used to grab a slice of bread with chocolate paste. Now I enjoy oatmeal porridge which is yummy too. I thank God I am not like other people who hates oatmeal. I love the taste! Oatmeal contains good carbohydrate and lots of fiber. It suppresses hunger until lunch time comes.

My motivations in loosing weight and being slim are typical: guys (woohoo!), long lasting beauty, and then long lasting healthy body. Being slim gives me more freedom in wearing anything I like too!

Therefore, I enjoy this diet. It's not hard and I don't feel obsessive of being slim. I can still enjoy my meals and snacks. I just calculate my intake calories everyday and control them!

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