Rabu, 27 Oktober 2010


I'm off today. I told my boss that I need a rest. Well, after three days suffering from the heavy rain, extreme weather and the insanity of Jakarta traffic, I woke up in the morning with headache and stiffed back. I couldn't even think.

Honestly, one day off is so much relieving. Today I enjoy my day by watching two films: Post Grad, and 500 Days of Summer. The first movie is a teenage drama-comedy, it speaks about a girl with an ambition of pursuing her goals in life but then she gives up and back to her beloved guy. The second film is quiet a good one. Pretty mature, it is not a love story, yet a story of love. My pen friend Kerem has mentioned me about this film and I agree with him to rank it as a full-five-stars movie!

Not to mention the actor and actress, the way they bring the story by such a plot, this is a film of reality. You never know who's gonna be your destiny. You love her so much, but she doesn't love you. You never expected her but she comes to you. I think teenagers have to watch this.

Do these films give me a whack on my head? Heheh... guess so. I become more relaxed, not trying to push everything hard in life. What Ryden's dad said in Post Grad is quiet the same with what 500 Days have told:  "There is no rule".

I just remember a story about Labyrinth. Once upon a time, an Arab King was left in a huge labyrinth walls in Babylonia by the Babylon King. He recites prayer, tried to concentrated, followed his instinct, and then he successfully found the exit gate. He admitted the good building developed by the Babylons. In the next day, he kidnapped the Babylon King, and left him alone in the endless desert of Arabia. "This is our labyrinth. No walls, nothing on it. Good luck, my friend!" said the Arab King.

Geezh, how time has flown away before me, and I survived :)

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