Minggu, 03 April 2011

Rose of Versailles

This used to be one of my favorite comic when I was a teenager, after spending my childhood with the European comics. Compared to the other japanese girl-comic, Rose of Versailles hooked me with its historical, yet controversial story.

Oscar Francois de Jarjayes, the hero in this comic, is a young girl who was raised a man. She ought to be the successor of her father, a commander of the French Royal Guard. Struggling with a dilemma between her responsibility as the Royal family's guard and her sympathy to the revolutionists, her life was full of glory and agony at the same time.

As a teenager, this controversial story between morality and immorality must be very 'romantic'. I agree that the bisexuality and the political issue in the story is not a consumption for someone whose psychology is not stable. Teenager, whose thought is still blended between rationality and irrationality, could be easily driven by the idea of abnormal sexual orientation. For those who are more stable but family is facing hard times or parents are divorce , this comic could emphasize whatever paradigms occur in the teenager's mind.

When I was young, Oscar's personality amazed me. Feeling different with my female peers, I found a justification of my boyish-masculine personality in Oscar. Even my ideal man is represented in Andre, Oscar's true love. Andre was the grandson of The Jarjayes family's servant, lived as Oscar's childhood friend and be her best friend and personal adjutant till they both grown up. .

Some points in the plot came into reality. I visited Marie Antoinette's childhood palace in Austria, the Schonbrunn palace in 1999. My job now is related to politics, diplomacy, and the government.

However, I took some positive values from this comic. The idea of "dignity", "egalitarianism", "braveness", "hardworking to success" and "friendship" had emphasized what my parents had thought me.

I also read Ryoko Ikeda's other comics, The Window of Orpheus. This comic had lead me to take another piano lesson in Jakarta Conservatory then had my recital twice! ^_^ (to be continued)

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