Jumat, 18 Maret 2011

Sate Padang Ajo Ramon.. LAMAK BANA!

Last night I eventually fulfilled my friend, Ibet's longing for Sate Padang"Ajo Ramon". She's been asking me to drop by at Pasar Santa everytime we go home from work and I refuse, due to the traffic.

The stall was located in the parking lot of Pasar Santa, the traditional market, in South Jakarta. It opens in the afternoon until midnight. Like any other satay stalls, it is constructed by a such simple tent covered by plastic sheeting and banners.

The seller is preparing the sauce, while his assistant is grilling the satays. Some ketupat (rice cake) are hanging on the cart's puncheon.

We were impressed by the scrumptious taste... Omg...! As we hit the satay, the beef juice melted in our mouth, mixed with the spicy seasoning of the sauce! No bitter tasted as we found in the other Sate Padang stalls we visited before!

We ordered a half portion for each, contains with five skewers of satay and some ketupat (rice cake) 'coz we know we're fat already.. he he he :p

Great Sate Padang always has a great sauce. And that's what we got from Sate Padang Ajo Ramos. It is made from the mixture of beef stock and rice flour, added with other seasonings like onion, garlic, pepper, chili, coriander, caraway, and some roots like galangal, ginger, and lemon grass. Sometimes they added mashed peanuts inside. They pour some crispy onions as the finishing touch. You can see the stock's shiny texture from the picture above and let me tell you: it tastes good! 

This makes Sate Padang can be eaten in various way. When you're finished with the beef (some skewers also contains with heart, tongue or intestine) and you don't have more ketupat, keep enjoying your Sate Padang by slurping the sauce with kerupuk kulit, the crackers made from cow's skin.

The nice couple beside us are enjoying their kerupuk kulit

hurmmm dip it deep, soak it yummy!!!

The crackers baskets are available on every table!

Beside kerupuk kulit, you may eat your Sate Padang with keripik singkong balado, crisps made from cassava and chili. Both crackers will make you addicted, trust me!

One full portion of Sate Padang costs Rp.15.000,-, while the half portion costs Rp. 8000,-. All the crackers cost Rp. 3000. Drinks like hot tea, iced tea, mineral water or bottle tea are available in a normal price. Ajo Ramon also offers catering service. 

After 5 days working, I feel pampered with the yummy food I tasted last night :) Life is good!

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