Sabtu, 08 Mei 2010

Time to Re-navigate

"It's saturday and I'm working. MAN!"
A short message appeared on my mobile screen while I was having my body treatment. She's been working there for 5 years, my dearest friend, and she hasn't been posted yet (except for the 3 months internship one in Paris). Everyday seems like monday, no raised salary but she has to work, work, and work. She's been waiting for her posting. But until now, she's still here and she has no time for romance nor private life.

I think it's time for her to move on. When job turns to be a monster and you loose your rights as a human... better you re-navigate your journey.

I did my first move in 2004. I left advertising and joined an NGO as a volunteer. Then my second move was in 2008. I left my friends and community and got an opportunity to work in Goethe Institut Indonesia. Then in 2009, I left art and culture and started to get involved with communications, political science and international relations.

As a communication officer, I can be involved with various people and occasions, various opportunities. Moreover, as a project officer who works on media literacy and peace building program, I'm getting closer to my goal.

Next year would be decisive. I am pretty excited for this, coz I am gonna do another movement in my life! :)

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