Sabtu, 15 Mei 2010


Born as a leader, lives as a student of life. I believe that's me. People say I have that sense of leadership, even though I enjoy being a follower and don't have to think about lots of things. In the mean time, the drive for being a natural-born leader is increasing in me through the process of being mature. I've been as the head of student council, the chief of our highs school marching band's club, and one of the founder of a youth initiative. The experience of being someone on top doesn't make me credible enough to be a leader. I believe that the process of knowing ourselves and the skill of communication will boost our competency as a leader.

Some leaders lead with their dictatorship to bound their subordinates. But they got lack of sympathy. The others lead with their family-style but got lack of respect, even lack of control. These bring a conclusion that being a leader is a learning process.

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