Minggu, 05 Juni 2011

Dondurma, Can You Wait for a While?

It's June already. 3 months to September. I suddenly feel awkward while joining our office's retreat at Tanjung Lesung. We were happy, a little awkward in the beginning but soon turned to be fun! I felt the togetherness during the fun games session that lasted until it ends. But when I realized what I've been expecting to come on September, I felt that this togetherness might not be long.

We are expecting a field project at several places in Indonesia, in which I could be involved. But the fact that the Scholarship announcement will be held on September the middle, I can sense that I am running out of time.

Suddenly I want to visit many places in Indonesia before I leave. I want to dive in Tidung, Bira, or Sepa island. I want to fly to Raja Ampat. I wanna see the waterfalls in West Java. I wanna go to Tanjung Karang beach in Palu. I have 3 months left. I hope I'll make it.

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