Jumat, 10 Desember 2010

Life, Death, and Cancer

Is it a jinx?

Within this month, I've heard at least 5-6 people who are suffered from cancer. Not to mention Mrs Ainun Habibie who died several months ago. Let's say:

- My friend's cousin who got a cancer in his stomach (could it be on his liver? or pancreas? or duodenum?) but he has been consuming chemotherapy pills - I hope he will be healed. Amen;
- Rachmatsyah Bungamayang, Fauziah's brother who died last month caused by cancer on his duodenum;
- Desziana Machmud, Asmudjo's dearest wife who has been suffering from breast cancer since 2 years ago and now the cancer has spread over her thigh bone marrow;
- Juni Leonardy, Suci's best friend, who got her symptom only a week before she died last Monday. She was being condemned to 4th stadium of cancer in her womb. She wrote many messages on her FB wall. Two days before she died she wrote "I can't sleep... I can't sleep.." twice. A week before her death she wrote "When a Father takes the child by the hand, He would take the mother by the heart";
- Norvan, a cartoonist, Ojie and Nida's best friend, who were dying because of cancer in his pancreas two-three days ago, and yesterday he passed away.

What is this? Cancer? Death?
The deaths of these young people (24 to 40 years old) disturbs me. Life is so short. And when you die, you don't bring your Macbook to your tomb. Not even your iPad, your car, your Black Berry, nothing. None. I feel relieved when I realize it. Suddenly the sadness of losing my Macbook just gone away. The fear of being penniless disappears. The fear of not possessing anything in my life doesn't come. At this point, I thank God that life is not eternal. Realizing that life is short has urged me to do more in a positive way. I wish I had more time to correct myself, and improve my social responsibility.

What happen to these young people? Why do they suffer from cancer in their early age? I accused today's lifestyle as the cause of it : preservatives on food and drinks, cigarette, drugs, pollutions, and stress. Or maybe it's just God who want's to reduce the population of men on earth?

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